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Product Description

Reiki is a system of healing using universal energy and love to heal you. Anyone can receive reiki, and many describe receiving the energy as calming, relaxing, and fulfilling. Reiki has no religious affiliations, it is about channeling energy to do the greatest good for you!

I am a Reiki Master in the Usui tradition. I have been attuned to the level of master, and have received the symbols and attunements required to reach this level. Distance healing is my favorite kind of healing to do. No matter how far away we are, I can still direct energy to you to help heal and find out where there are problem spots.

With your reading, I’ll go through the various chakras and give you insight about each center. Some may be open, others may be closed. When you purchase this reading, I will work for your highest good to help heal what needs to be healed. Note, some things we hold on to or have hurt us may not heal the first time. Spiritual wounds take time to heal, the way physical wounds do.

This reading is great for anyone wanting to learn about the state of their chakra energy balance and to receive healing in the process.

When you purchase this, I will contact you about scheduling a session with you. You do not need to be able to contact me during this time, I just need to be able to work on you energetically. I tend to find that sessions work best when you are relaxed (not at work) and ready to receive the energy I’ll be sending. To help facilitate the session, I’ll be using the name and location provided when you checkout. If you use a fake name or location, we may not connect like we’re supposed to. (I use the information to lock onto you.) My average session is 20-30 minutes. I then do a full write up about everything I felt and noticed about your energy. I also include any songs played on shuffle (shufflemancy) and any incense I use during the session.

Due to the nature of scheduling this, it may take longer to turn around the product than the 3-5 days listed.


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